Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Party Games by R.L. Stine


Her friends warn her not to go to Brendan Fear's birthday party at his family's estate on mysterious Fear Island. But Rachel Martin has a crush on Brendan and is excited to be invited. Brendan has a lot of party games planned. But one game no one planned intrudes on his party—the game of murder. As the guests start dying one by one, Rachel realizes to her horror that she and the other teenagers are trapped on the tiny island with someone who may want to kill them all. How to escape this deadly game? Rachel doesn't know whom she can trust. She should have realized that nothing is as it seems… on Fear Island.
R.L. Stine makes his triumphant return to Shadyside, a town of nightmares, shadows, and genuine terror, and to the bestselling series that began his career writing horror for the juvenile market, in the new Fear Street book Party Games.

My Thoughts
★★★★ What just happened? Stars.
No, really, what just happened?
I love ALL of his books, but this one disappointed me. He really dropped the ball on this. Of course, pretty much everything about this book was perfect, but I just feel like I've read this book before and only the settings and characters have changed? I have no idea. But I give it 4 stars. Because it's still a really awesome book, I just can't shake the feeling I've read this book before, even though I know I haven't. I'm honestly just at a loss for words right now. I expected so much more from the ending because let us fans face it, the Fear Street endings are NEVER that simple of a thing. Haha, so that was a mega change.

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