Thursday, December 11, 2014

Adeline by Randal Licato


The world has gone dark. No sun and no moon.No-one knows how it happened for sure. But for thesurviving generations, darkness is all they have ever known.And they are not alone. Something terrible came with the dark,and it's hunting humans.
While trying to find her identity, Adeline has learned to survive by running away, even from light. Until she encounters the greatest light of them all: LOVE.

My Thoughts
★★★★★ Stars.
I want to say this book was very interesting, but it was so much more than that. The story was beautifully written. I honestly have not read any other book like this before (though I'm sure there may be some, I just haven't found them yet.)
I was sad to see it end so quickly. I wish we could have gotten to bond and know the characters a lot better. The one thing that really threw me off was Shepherd.

I must say, this book left me with a smile on my face. 
Wonderful book. 
5+ stars!

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