Tuesday, June 8, 2021

{Review} 다크홀 (Dark Hole)

Original Title: 다크홀
Also Known As: Dark Hole
Director Kim Bong-Joo
Distributor: OCN / tvN
Released: April 30, 2021
Genre: Thriller/Action/Mystery
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rating: 7/10
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Lee Hwa-Sun (Kim Ok-Vin) is a detective at the regional investigation unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. She receives a phone call from the person who murdered her husband. Lee Hwa-Sun then travels to Muji City. There, people inhale a mysterious dark smoke and turn into monsters. The residents in Muji City become terrified. Lee Hwa-Sun struggles to save people there and she also chases after her husband's murderer. Meanwhile, Yoo Tae-Han (Lee Joon-Hyuk) has lived in Muji City all of his life. He once worked as a detective, but he had to quit because of a case. He now works as a wrecker driver. His still has his strong of justice, while he is also easy going and a joker. Yoo Tae-Han now faces his city falling into chaos because of the dark smoke that causes people to turn into monsters. He joins Lee Hwa-Sun to save people in Muji City.
싱크홀에서 나온 검은 연기를 마신 변종인간들, 그 사이에서 살아남은 자들의 처절한 생존기
★★★★★★★ Stars
**Possible spoilers**

I'm so torn between rating this 6 or 7 stars. I'm being nice with 7.
I remember when OCN first announced this show, I could NOT wait to watch this, especially since OCN was doing it. OCN is my jam, okay? Love that station.

It started out so promising and addictive. I couldn't and wouldn't shut up talking about this show. But as the episodes kept rolling out I just felt like I had seen it before? It was like a mix of Resident Evil and Remina by Junji Ito. Don't come at me, I've read the book and yes, it's similar to me. Just instead of psycho people, there were psycho people mixed with resident evil people. lol

But, I hung on because the story was really interesting even if the pace was way to slow. even set at 2x speed, it felt like it crawled by.... It left me wondering what, when, and how this "Dark Hole" came to be and what was it?

Only for it to end and tell us NOTHING. Was it alien? Was it paranormal? I just don't understand. Okay so this random dark hole pops up and suddenly all hell breaks loose? But why? Am I overthinking this? I feel like I'm overthinking. I just hate not knowing... and for the big bad monster to be taken out like that was kinda laughable? Like.... okay why did THAT work? It just doesn't make sense in any way I look at it. It makes me feel like I've lost my mind. Lol

Also I'm glad I didn't click out of the show before the credits ended. So you mean to tell me another hole popped up? So all this is about to restart? WHY?!?! Why are there ZERO answers to this show?!!? It's driving me insane. Even some of the characters back stories has no answers. It hinted at things but never really told you anything. Jin Seok for example, he was a pos, yeah but he was a thug? What was his obsession with Dong-Rim when he has 2 other flunkies he could have used for whatever? I just... I don't know. I'm confused.
Props to all the actors though. I really do have a lot of respect towards them, they all played their parts so well that when plot twists came up with their characters I was taken by surprise. The story itself seem pretty played out but the actors definitely made this show as good as it was.

I wonder if there will be a season 2 because of that ending where they can explain everything better, or if they are just going to leave it with that huge open ending??

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