Wednesday, April 7, 2021

{Review} カカフカカ-こじらせ大人のシェアハウス- (Screw-Up Adults' Sharehouse)

Original Title: カカフカカ-こじらせ大人のシェアハウス-
Also Known As: Kakafukaka/Screw-Up Adults' Sharehouse
Director: Momoko Fukuda
Distributor: MBS
Released: April 26, 2019
Genre: Drama/Romance/Mature
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
My Rating: 5/10
Add To: VIKI
I never thought I would see him again. Aki Terada said goodbye to her first love long ago. When her current boyfriend is caught cheating on her, Aki moves out of her apartment and into a sharehouse, where she's reuinted with her first love. When things get heated between them, he drops a major bomb … Heart and body and everything in between intersect in this fresh new adult love story.
~~Adapted from the manga series "Kakafukaka" by Takumi Ishida.
★★★★★ Stars
I genuinely have a loss for words right now. I finished this show roughy 30 minutes ago and I'm still looking at the screen with the most lost look on my face.

I hate that I ranked this show so low because it's really not a terrible show, it's quick and the characters are really interesting but... I just feel like there are some HUGE gaps that must have been left out to make this show end as quickly as it did. I take nothing away from the actors, all of them did amazing and worked with what storyline they had. But.... in the long run the story just feels incomplete.

The FL made me want to scream half the time, I get it -- she was popular in school and I know growing up humbles us (most of the time) but it gave zero information as to why and how she went from being positive and bubbly to being extremely gullible and introverted. How the hell 2 men can tell you to your face they have never loved/liked anyone before and have used women before because they felt nothing, only for them to both tell you they like you and you believe them!? I don't understand. I really don't. I get it's nice to be wanted -- but in what dalulu land you have to live in to put yourself through that?
And by the end, we still aren't told if they ever actually liked her or not. I was also pissed that at one point when SL talked about kicking everyone out of the house so it could just be them too, she should have put her foot down from the start and been like "no. That's not fair to them" (WHO WERE THERE BEFORE HER!) -- it wasn't until a little bit later that she was the one to say she would leave. *insert dramatic eye roll*

I still don't understand the point of the second girl being there. She was like a yoyo of emotions and ...I don't even have a word for it honestly. I feel like her and FL really could become good friends if she would kinda chill out, because in the scenes where they are just talking like normal friends, it's like the most normal scenes through the whole show that actually make full sense. Lol I know that's weird to say but I'm not sure I can explain it any better. Those two should have moved out and just got a place together. Lol Leave the messy dudes behind.

There really just seems like way to many gaps for this show to fully make sense and I feel like if I read the manga, it would be so much better and worse for my emotions. Lol Because honestly neither of them are what she needs in her life. The emotionally dead guy or the guy that has a complex to make mommy happy and is manipulative.
I got way to much beef with this show. Lol

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