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{Review} マイルノビッチ (Mairunovich)

Original Title: マイルノビッチ
Also Known As: Mairunovich
Director: Ninomiya Takashi
Distributor: HULU
Released: Feburary 12, 2021
Genre: Drama/Romance/YA
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
My Rating: 3/10
Add To: VIKI
Kinoshita Mairu, is an unpopular high school student, who thinks she's ugly and plain. She is quickly transformed into a cute girl by the handsome and cool boy, Kumada Tenyu. She will search for real love while using her inner strength to change herself.
~~Adapted from the manga series "Mairunovich" by Sato Zakuri.
★★★ Stars
*deep sigh* Here we go...
As I write this review, please know it's how I feel about it and I don't mean to make anyone mad with it. If I do, I'm sorry.

BUT HOLY HELL I HATED THIS SHOW! I think i kept watching for the subber. Lol I loved their excitement in sub notes they made during the show. The show itself kept me stressed and pissed off. Because you know... the basic, no woman is worthy of friendship and love unless she is "beautiful" and "popular". I admit I have seen my fair share of shows like this but for some reason, this one takes the cake. I guess mainly because even at the end the ML says she was like a dirty cat he found, bathed and only then was she beautiful. -- my guy, she is a fucking human with emotions.

"I don't know when I started having feelings" -- I know when; after she was dolled up and getting attention from other guys. Go figure. I mean, you did tell her to "just be pretty" in episode 1. Like wow you really said that to her face. *aggressive screaming*
All through this show, I really kept waiting for her to become this self aware person who would stand up for herself, but I guess what was wishing for to much? All through the show the one friend she has continuously bullies her. I mean what do you expect, she dunked your head in a sink because you were "competition" with the guy she liked.

Honestly at this point, I feel like I'm just going to repeat myself a lot but I will put a few episode reviews in as well:

SPOILERS + RANT!!! I don't understand why I keep watching this... Okay, yes I do. I keep waiting for her to grow a brain and realize she is her own person.What the hell even was this episode?So far, she's been bullied harshly then told she just "needs to be pretty" to which she begs for help. Are you serious? Then we have this episode where the girl that bullied her and literally stuck her head in a sink -- she got on her knees and begged for information, bitch WHAT?! And these same people that never gave a shit about her are suddenly "masters" and "gods" to her. Are you shitting me? I get teenage brain, I do. I was one at one point, but teens are not that fucking dumb. That ending though. bruh. Lol Known each other 2 days and suddenly they love each other. Lawd have mercy.Though props to him that he at least TRIED to tell her he didn't want to restrict her world and that she shouldn't lose friends because of him. She's the one that pulled the "as long as I'm with you, I don't care. I want to be restricted"mmmm you know what that is? Mental abuse.

*Rant + Spoilers*Were we all this stupid in our teens years with relationships? Gah I fucking hope not. Geez. I'm trying to change my thoughts on this because I know they are teenagers and being a teenager, a lot of chemicals and crap are firing off so the constant "learning" is never ending.... but GOSH DAMN MAKE THIS STOP! This episode wasn't as bad as the first two but it wasn't better in any way. Of course by the end, they found a way to once again blame Mairu. Because gosh forbid she say "I'm sorry" and be late? Meanwhile he has left her hanging how many times now? Oh and his little friend talking shit about her and saying "well I wouldn't 'blah blah blah'" then kissing him? Wow yeah, y'all two deserve each other, leave Mairu out of it. That was seriously fucked up. Love how in episode 1(?) he was talking about how he hates liars. LOLOLOL!!! Biiiiiiiiiitch you just CHEATED! *snorts* Lemme guess, in episode 4, it's going to somehow be her fault again right? Lemme guess.... her jealousy pushed you or something? Acting like you didn't did throw a bitch fit when she was hanging out with Tenyu. Can we say toxic?Ladies and gentlemen, this. this right here would be the perfect time for Do Re Mi.

Mhmmmm of course that would happen because it's a non original story with a non original outcome. Swear the title should just be "no one care until you are pretty"*spoilers + rant*This show really activated my stress eating on a whole fucking level and I still have two episodes to go. Geez. I really wanted this to at least have a original outcome but we know from episode one she was gonna end up with the ML, but wait, before we get there, we have to throw in the... dundundunnnnn EX!!!! *insert overdramatic scream* not just any ex, but THAT ex. You know, the one you can't hate because you met her before you knew so you became buddy ol pals and after you found out, you're now threatened.Yes, threatened. TF, even!? I mean anyone with eyeballs can see she's liked him from the start, but you know... had to at least give the cheater and neighbor a shot before realizing you liked the ML. Can we just say though, she could have stayed with the neighbor and called it done? I mean why not. It would be something *new*. Nevermind he went from being cold, hard, with the emotions of a rock to soft widdle bawby overnight -- suddenly he is head over heels for her. *dramatic eye roll* wughiurhgvhuuhir UGGGHHH GOSH DAMN THIS TO FUCKING HELL I CAN'T EVEN WITH THIS SHOW!!!! I CAN'T!!! Please note, I'm not hating on the actors. The actors are doing amazing jobs. I just hate the characters and the *basic* storyline.

All in all, I'm shocked I made it through the whole show and the ending was basic. It ends exactly how you think it will when you guess from episode one. Even 10 minutes into the last episode, I said everything in order that would happen... and it did. I think the ONLY character I absolutely loved though this whole show was her aunt. Her aunt was so gosh damn adorable and was always trying to be the voice of reason and tell her how amazing she is and everything. Like, the kind of person she really needed in her life. I just... *chef's kiss* her aunt was a blessing from start to end.

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