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{Review} クズの本懐 (Scum's Wish)

Original Title: クズの本懐
Also Known As: Scum's Wish/Kuzu no Honkai
Director Shogo Miyaki, Shunsuke Shinada
Distributor: Fuji TV
Released: January 18, 2017
Genre: Romance/Drama/Mature
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
My Rating: 7/10
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Hanabi Yasuraoka (Miyu Yoshimoto) and Mugi Awaya (Dori Sakurada) look an ideal high school couple, but, they both like someone else. Hanabi Yasuraoka has liked Narumi Kanai (Kouki Mizuta) since she was a kid and Mugi Awaya likes his private tutor Akane Minagawa (Rina Aizawa). As a couple, Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awayai have 3 conditions: they are not supposed to like each other, they will break up if either of them succeed in love with their secret crush and they will fulfill their physical desires.

~~ Based on manga series “Kuzu no Honkai” by Mengo Yokoyari
★★★★★★★ Stars
I need to be medicated.

I loved this show up till around episode 7. It seemed pretty lighthearted even though it had its issues. But once it got to those episodes... My blood pressure stayed high, my jaw stayed clenched, and my anxiety stayed in the clouds.


I'm trying so hard to sort through my thoughts on this show but all I can think of is one constant scream. Therefore, I have a massive headache. I think episodes 7 and up really fucked with my head because legit, I can't remember the show before those episodes! I know that sounds crazy. Trust me, I know. It's weird because I KNOW I liked the show up till that point.. so why can't I remember? It's like once I got to that point, it was like a "my life is a lie" situation.

I hated Hanabi though. Really and truly. She goes on and on how much she loves (what the fuck is the teachers name?) Kanai? I think? ANYWAY -- I honestly feel like she mistook her infatuation with him as love. He's been there since she was a kid and honestly played a big male part in her life, so it kinda makes sense, I guess? What doesn't make sense is how through this whole (and yes, I mean the WHOLE show) is how they made Akane the "heartless bitch monster" of this series... I mean, don't get me wrong. She was. She was a awful piece of shit. But while she was that, Hanabi knew this. She saw what a shitty person Akane was and pretty much was like "I won't be like her" ONLY TO END UP BEING JUST LIKE HER!!! LIKE WHAT?!?!
I made me want to throat punch her so fucking bad. I get teenage hormones are the worst. I do. I really do, I've been there. We all have. But it doesn't mean we want to use every single person we know just to feel a void. Gosh damn. Be normal. Drink alcohol and do drugs like a normie. I'M FUCKING KIDDING!!! DON'T DO THAT!!! I'M LITERALLY KIDDING! DON'T DO THOSE THINGS! THEY FUCK UP YOUR LIFE! Lol
Anyway, now that bad joke it out of the way and I'm sure I will regret it. Yeeeeee let's continue. As you know, I'm completely and utterly Dori Sakurada biased. I love the man and all he does... but lemme tell youuuuuuu he pushed me in this show. Gosh daaaaaamn he pushed me. (there I go clenching my jaw again; gotta do what you can to keep yourself from screaming until your lungs deflate) How can you see you're falling for a person and genuinely be like "eh fuck that. I'ma chase ass instead" because that is pretty much what he did. How can you see someone's true colors and still want to pick them? All while saying their toxic behavior is "cute"? Bruh... what!?

Let me just say, even though I wanted Hanabi and Mugi together -- fuck that noise. How many times did they talk about a relationship only to turn right around and fuck around with someone else? Like I shit you not. The SECOND they were like "well... let's be a real couple then?" Hanabi went and had sex with someone else. WHILE TALKING TO SOMEONE ELSE AT THE SAME TIME! WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR DAMAGE!?!

Now a character I really did like was Ecchan. I was not expecting to see a character like her. She deserved so much better than what she ended up with. I think that is what made me hate Hanabi to the max was how she did Ecchan. How can you call someone your friend and lie to their face like that? Even if they say they're okay with you using them.... Smh, I don't care who you are. No one WANTS to be used. Don't do that to them. It's a bitchy fucked up move. Ecchan deserved better and she never should have forgiven Hanabi.

By the end of this show I pretty much hated everyone except like 2 people (Ecchan and Kanai). I still don't understand that ending and it pisses me off. All this time it seems like Hanabi was just getting by with her fuck toy and one friend? Yet at the end, dudes were tripping over themselves to ask her out and she walks away with a group of girl-friends. fihgwaslkhaflsk WHO THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE!? WHERE DID YOU COME FROM!? I hate gaps like that so much. Especially like this because there were no gaps. Everything happened so fast it was damn near lightening speed so it makes zero sense that all this happened as fast as it did.
They set up this ending and buildup like Hanabi and Mugi would get together and of course those that watch it know was a bust that was. That ending made me scream so loud in frustration. After all of this bullshit -- what was the fucking point? You expect the main characters to have some kind of story to finish off with but nope. It ended up the side characters that finished off the story completely. Why? What was the point? I'm so aggravated over this show.

Will I come back and fix this review? Maybe when my head stops pounding. Maybe not because I want to move on from this as soon as possible.

Remember kids, don't drink and don't do drugs. it was a joke and a bad one at that.

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