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{Review} 溺れるナイフ (Drowning Love)

Original Title: 溺れるナイフ
Also Known As: Drowning Love/ The Knife That Dropped in Water
Director: Yuki Yamato
Distributor: Gaga Corporation
Released: November 5, 2016
Genre: Drama/Romance
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
My Rating: 8/10
Add To: N/A
Natsume Mochizuki was a magazine model in Tokyo but moves to the rural town of Ukigumocho. Mochizuki, feeling depressed about living in the boring countryside, meets Koichiro Hasegawa, a member of a locally prominent family of Shinto priests, and gets caught in an intense attraction… It’s an epic love story that intensely and beautifully depicts the feelings of omnipotence and frustration that comes with being a teenager.
~~Based on manga series "Oboreru Knife" by George Asakura
★★★★★★★★ Stars
Hi. Hello. Yes. I hate it here.

So I can jump on the bandwagon with everyone else that has seen this and have been left staring at the credits like ".....What?"

I swear I have no idea how I feel about this movie. I do, but I don't. I have a love/hate relationship with this movie.
The storyline itself seems like it would have been better suited for a TV show. Mostly because when I say this is a LOADED movie, I literally mean it's loaded. The downside to this is that I feel like they had to jump around from scene to scene way to fast and I feel like they cut a lot of filler content that could have helped make the movie flow smoothly.
Am I saying the flow was bad? Not really, because there was still so much happening that even if you wanted to quit, something would happen that would keep your eyes glued to the screen.

I am forever in love with the acting. I feel like my heart has been ripped up, stomped on, rammed back in my chest, ripped out again.... so on and so forth. It hurts. :)
From the second Kou showed up though, I just knew -- I JUST KNEW he was going to be trouble.... and I was wrong, actually. Had that assault scene not taken place, I feel like things would have been wat different. I mean yeah, he has serious attitude before that happened but after, we all know that's when everything went downhill. Not that I blame him. My heart fucking breaks for Kou. It breaks for them both but in some scenes I feel like she doesn't understand why he is acting the way he is. It isn't until later when he has to tell her he wasn't able to protect her that I guess she finally understood.
But I think what makes me want to flip my shit was when they were talking at one point and she asked him why he didn't fight the guy back.... like... how could he fight back? The dude literally beat him repeatedly in the back with a massive stone? I don't understand. Like why are you asking him that? You are BOTH victims? He's not asking YOU why YOU didn't fight back. Why ask him? Ugh I don't know. I'm just pissed about that.
I loved Otomo. He was like a ray of sunshine. He was really what she needed through this whole show. I feel like every girl needs a guy like him in their life. Lol and honestly he would have been the better choice for her... because let's face it... Her and Kou's relationship was toxic AF. Did they still make my heart bust the biggest UwU? Yes, but that doesn't make it right, because half the time I was like "I wish a fucker would try that with me." when he did something out of the way. Lol Anyway, back to Otomo. I loved how he was always there for her. No matter what, he was there. He always wanted her to smile, he couldn't bare to see her without a smile and it was the sweetest thing ever. He deserved so much better than what he got.... damn second lead syndrome. *sigh*

That ending was kinda confusing as hell. Not only was it confusing, It made me want to sob because I knew it wasn't real. I really wish we got a part two or some kind of side story to know if he was okay or not..... cuz hunny... I am *UPSET*. My whole damn heart is CRUSHED.
Yet I still really liked this movie. Ugh, damn these feelings. Lol. I really do feel like this story was beautiful though... depressingly beautiful. 

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