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{Review} グッドモーニング・コール 2 (Good Morning Call 2)

Original Title: グッドモーニング・コール 2
Also Known As: Good Morning Call season 2 / Good Morning Call: Our Campus Days
Director Kawahara Yo, Noda Kenta
Distributor: Netflix/Fuji TV
Released: Nov 28, 2017
Genre: Young Adult/Romance/Drama
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
My Rating: 8/10
Add To: Netflix
After the events of Good Morning Call Season 1, Season 2 starts off with Uehara and Nao living next door to each other and off to start college in separate universities. Uehara immediately becomes a campus heartthrob while Nao worries that he will be overwhelmed by college girls' attention.

~~ Based on manga series “Good Morning Call” by Yue Takasuka
★★★★★★★★ Stars
**Spoiler Warnings**

Well if you saw my review for season 1, you'll know how much I hated it and really just finished it to try to get it off my "watching" list without having to dig to delete all the episodes one by one. -- it didn't work. Lol Season 2 was then stuck on the list so I kinda cheated and looked up what would happened. What I saw kept me going. Even though it LIED -- I;m still kinda glad I stuck around.
Season 2 was sooooo much better than season 1. While Nao was still the ditzy clumsy girl that overreacted with everything, buy the end it was nice to see her change, even if it was just a little. It was amazing to see her try to be more adult.

Tell me how... HOW in the hell I spent all of season 1 HATING this man only for me to watch season 2 and have a change of heart about him? Season 1 he spent the whole time being a heartless asshole who (imo) was just dating her because she was there. But in this season we see that he really is trying to be a better person for her. Which I respected a lot, but of course there were his original moments where he was his old self and I really wanted someone to throat punch him.... and while they didn't do that, I'm glad they still hit him. He needed it. lol

Can we talk about Abe for a second? The only character in this whole show who really tried and still didn't end with a happy ending? This show really wouldn't be what it is without him. It's only because of his big mouth that things ever worked out BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE DON'T KNOW WHAT COMMUNICATION IS!!! Stg that pissed me off the most. So so so so much could have been avoided if they just TALKED and stopped walking away "assuming". It gave me a headache but thankfully Abe was always around to be like "yeah okay, but this is what happened and what was said." - Let's face it, they owe their relationship to Abe. Lol

Bruh when they introduced Natsume, I just knew there was going to be trouble but holy hell I adore this man almost as much as I adore Daichi. These two kept me going strong! Though I'm still not sure how I feel about his story. As much as he was a playboy it was hard to see the outcome. I just want to hug him so bad. It's like Daichi all over again but sooo much worse. The fact that it took all of these guys to push Uehara to be like "well shit, I better man up and be a good guy to her" is kinda shitty though. Like... Toxic level shitty.

Though you know I can't not say anything about Daichi. Seeing him actually happy for once blew my fucking mind. I was so excited but when the shit hit the fan I was really ready to jump through the screen and start knocking the fire out of people. Lol-- Okay, not really but... it was fucked up. But I'm so so so SSSSOOOOO glad he got his happy ending. I think his ending alone was worth it. He deserved to be happy for once and now that he got it... I'm all soft. UwU and we know she will treat him well and I'm so thankful they didn't make her live in Nao's shadow. I know She placed herself in Nao's shadow through a good chunk of the show -- and I don't blame her for hating Nao but when it all comes to light, I'm glad he liked her without comparing like a lot of people do. He genuinely liked her which was amazing.

I'm bitter sweet about the outcome, honestly. This is the first time I think a show gave me such a headache in me constantly battling on who I wanted her to end up with. Lol It's so weird how much different I feel about this season than I did the first one. It blows my mind. Lol Even though it ended how I knew it would, I'm glad I actually kept watching it. Would I recommend it? No. lol But it was still really good, I just can't with season 1. No one should be put through that torture.

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