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{Review} 오싹한 연애 (Spellbound)

Original Title: 오싹한 연애
Also Known As: Eerie Romance/Spellbound
Director: Hwang In-Ho
Distributor: CJ Entertainment
Released: December 1, 2011
Genre: Horror/Romantic Comedy/Supernatural
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rating: 8/10
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Jo Gu, a street magician, meets a miserable girl, Yu Ri, during one of his performances, and she winds up the inspiration for his “Horror magic show.” The show becomes wildly popular and Jo Gu is now a successful magician with a model girlfriend. Yu Ri begins working as an extra on the show but the darkness inside her, something her teammate's sense, keeps her from truly connecting with anyone else. Jo Gu’s attempt to include her during dinner turns into a disaster when she gets blindingly drunk. Jo Gu calls Yu Ri the next morning, but when the phone disconnects with a weird noise, he starts to worry. When Jo Gu finds her, she confesses the long story behind her gray, wan face. Since surviving a high school car accident Yu Ri has seen the ghosts of dead schoolmates and her one-time best friend Joo Hee. Joo Hee is a ghost, following her everywhere and scaring the people around her, leaving her totally isolated. Even Yu Ri’s family eventually fled, leaving her behind to live alone in a tent, speaking only to a friend on the phone sometimes. During the course of Jo Gu’s failed attempts to find the lonely Yu Ri a boyfriend she resigns herself to the idea of her solitary life is best in the grand scheme of things. And though Jo Gu is sometimes scared witless himself, the pair starts to develop a feeling for each other. Now consumed with jealousy, Joo Hee becomes a threat during the show and prompts Yu Ri to head off to join her family to save Jo Gu. Is getting away going to be that easy, or does Joo Hee have more tricks up her sleeve?

이 세상 모든 연애는... 달콤하다? 짜릿하다? 로맨틱하다? 이 커플의 연애는 오싹하다! 남다른 ‘촉’때문에 평범한 생활은 물론 제대로 된 연애 한번 못해본 여자 여리(손예진)와 그녀에게 꽂혀버린 비실한 ‘깡’의 호러 마술사 조구(이민기). 달콤해야 할 두 사람의 만남은 그들의 행복을 방해하는 귀신들로 인해 하루하루가 공포특집이다. 이런 생활에 익숙한 여리와 달리 매번 생명의 위협을 느끼는 조구. 오싹한 난관에도 불구하고 이 연애를 포기할 수 없는 여리와 조구는 어금니 꽉 깨물고 목숨을 건 연애를 시작하는데
★★★★★★★★ Stars
While I really did enjoy this movie a lot, I am genuinely confused? Also maybe I'm just biased but I don't think anyone could play Yeo-Ri as amazing as Son Ye-jin did. The woman is a QUEEN!

As much as I love Ye-jin, I gotta admit this movie has been sitting in my TBW list for a while. I know I know. Don't come for me. I don't know why it took me so long to get to it. I mean it's everything I love all balled into a single movie. Makes no sense for me to not watch it right away, but here we are. 6 million years later. Lol Kidding, but anyway -- When the movie just started I wasn't hooked right away, I just didn't care for the character Jo-Goo very much. If I'm completely honest, I don't think I ever warmed up to his character. If I did, it was close to the end. But Ye-jin kept me going. lol. I really loved her character and could relate..... without all the horror parts. I'm sure we can all relate to her in our own ways if you really think about it. I freaking ADORED her friendships!! Again, I feel like a lot of us can relate. Even though they had known each other before, it had been so long since they had seen each other and it was like long distance friendships. Relying on phone calls and text. We all know we have been here before. Sometimes the coolest people you meet are the ones that live a million miles away. That's besides the point.

The storyline threw me off though? We end up finding out it had been her "best friend" this whole time... but I'm like damn... she wasn't much of a friend if she ruins your life like that. Even when you find out the whole story about what happened. I'm still like "wow. you are such a petty bitch". I want to say "grow up" but ya know... she's dead <_< >_> -_-

Okay yes, that was mean but come on. This is just to much, because THEN you have these moments when people were supposed to die, but by some miracle, they didn't? So I'm sitting here like.... what the fuckery is happening? It doesn't make sense. Doesn't add up. AND YOU KNOW ME! I hate being confused. 

Even when that *moment* happens, oh you know the one. The one that usually relates to a epiphany or something. The moment that happens in every movie that makes you feel like everything will be okay now.... IT WASN'T OKAY!!!! Like rlkjghelrkjhgilruhge WHAT! WHAT THE FUCK! so you just look at the screen like "-_- oh you got jokes?" I hated it. I really did. What else could have happened? What else could she have done?

WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN BITTER!? --and if you aren't then who and why is this happening? UGH!!!

While the ending was a good chuckle, I didn't enjoy it. It was okay, I guess. But I was just like.... what... just....happened? They went through this whole thing at the airport not even 10 minutes earlier and now they are okay? I feel like I missed something or there are gaps? SOMETHING! I don't know. The movie doesn't feel complete to me. I mean really what kind of ending was that? *sighs* But don't get me wrong, I'm glad she isn't alone now.

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