Saturday, December 12, 2020

{Review} 도도솔솔라라솔 (Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol)

Original Title: 도도솔솔라라솔
Also Known As: Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol
Director: Kim Min Kyung
Distributor: KBS2
Released: October 7, 2020
Genre: Drama/Romance
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rating: 10/10
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Goo Ra Ra is a naive rich girl, who dreams of being a great pianist with her father's love guiding her. But her path becomes rocky when her father passes away, and she finds herself going bankrupt. Being scammed of a home and needing an escape, she goes on a ride where she encounters an accident trying to avoid Sun Woo Joon, a diligent worker trying to meet ends. Being hospitalized with a broken arm and no place to go, guilty Sun Woo Joon decides to take responsibility and take care of her. With Go Ra Ra’s naive personality, she slowly begins creeping into Sun Woo Joon's heart, while trying to deal with the challenges of living an adult life.

에너제틱 피아니스트 구라라와 알바력 만렙 선우준의 반짝반짝 로맨틱 코미디
집안의 몰락으로 삶의 바닥에 떨어진 러블리 피아니스트 구라라가 알바력 만렙의 미스터리 청년 선우준을 만나 웃고 울고 사랑하며 서로에게 깊은 의미가 되어가는 이야기.
★★★★★★★★★★ Stars
I am trying my hardest to put my feelings about this show into words and this is probably the first time my brain is completely blank and I just want to stare off into the distance and just focus on trying to relearn how to breath again. 
I have heard so many people talk about how much they really enjoyed this drama and I've seen nothing but high scores from it so I finally gave in and was honestly hooked from the second it started. Even though I didn't like Ra-Ra at first, there was something quirky about her that I adored and couldn't stop watching. I guess I felt like her "ditzy" was an act? I don't know why but either way the more I watched the more she grew on me. 

This was the first time I started a drama not liking any of the characters except for maybe 1 or 2 side characters (Like Mr Kim)  but by the end of it, even the characters I full out hated ended up growing on me.

I loved the acting! OH MY GAH!!!!!! THE FREAKING ACTING!!! I swear I probably had a checked out look the whole time watching this because it was like tunnel vision -- I didn't see or hear anything else while this was playing. Lol I loved it. 

The plot and storyline are a first for me as well. Like part of me knew I shouldn't get to caught up into the "happiness" because I mean come on.... it's a kdrama. Kdramas love their false happy moments don't they? Lol -- anyway -- I got caught up and honestly was not expecting that to happen as fast and as sudden as it did. It actually took me a while to start sobbing because it was so sudden that I was like "Wait, is this happening? This is happening? THIS IS HAPPENING!" lfjgheliughreiugheigguergherge I feel broken. And that very very end left me feeling numb, I literally don't know how I feel about it. I'm angry. I'm sad. I'm a lot of things. Confused mostly though. I wish they had provided a little extra bonus episode or a mini thing to explain exactly what they just hit us with. Because I'm sure every fan of this show that just went through that hellacious roller coaster all feel the same way about it. How can you end a show like that?! I have so many questions!! 

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