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{Review} Mr. 아이돌 (Mr. Idol)

Original Title: Mr. 아이돌
Also Known As: Mr. Idol
Director: Hee-chan Ra
Distributor: Synergy House, Lotte Entertainment (시너지하우스, 롯데엔터테인먼트)
Released: November 3, 2011
Genre: Drama
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rating: 9/10
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Mr. Idol is a 2011 South Korean film written and directed by Ra Hee-chan. Ra called it, "a movie that captures young people's dreams through music." Ji Hyun-woo, Jay Park, Jang Seo-won and Randy Kim play four young men who come from different walks of life to form an idol band, united by their love of music.

노래만 아는 그들, 스타만 아는 가요계에 정면승부를 걸다! 레알 노래’만’ 아는 리더 유진, 그룹 내 유일무이 아이돌 포스 댄스 지오, 전직 노래방 CEO 보컬 현이, 한글을 랩으로 배운 랩퍼 리키! 아이돌이 되기에는 2% 이상 부족한 ‘미스터 칠드런’은 독설 프로듀서 오구주의 혹독한 트레이닝을 통해 2011년 가장 주목 받는 신인으로 떠오른다! 하지만 ‘미스터 칠드런’을 눈엣가시로 여긴 가요계의 거물 ‘사희문’은 그들을 무대 밖으로 쫓아내기 위해 수단과 방법을 가리지 않는다. 가요대전 D7! 결국 유진의 과거 동영상이 유출되고 해체설이 불거지는데… 과연 ‘미스터 칠드런’은 세렝게티 초원보다 더 살벌한 가요계에서 살아남아 오천만의 ‘국민돌’이 될 수 있을까?
★★★★★★★★★ Stars
네티즌 (Netizens) wasted no time at all ripping this movie apart, I see. Lol. Sorry but I guess I'm not going to be one of those. While I agree the movie was really rough and honestly needed a lot of buffering and the storyline was.... well... It really needs work. Lol. But, if I am 100% honest about this, I still loved it and it really did show all the crazy stuff kpop groups are put through. Even though this movie came out years ago, you can see all this happening to this day. It's really sad to see. 

Is it bad that I clicked on this because I seen Jay Park though? Haha He was such a baby in this movie. Is there anything he can't do though? He acts, sings, raps, dances, steals your woman - oof. Haha Kidding on that last part.... or am I? Dun dun dunnnnn XD Honestly I felt like this movie somewhat fit part of his life story. Fans will know what I'm talking about. 

Okay back onto the movie, there really isn't much to say about it because it wasn't bad but it wasn't... good per-say. I really liked that it told the story about what groups really do go through (even though that was NOT the movies intention). The cast was really amazing and most of the time I forgot it was actually a movie and not a documentary. X_X 
The thing is the movie was so choppy. The storyline itself had a lot of gaps and took you for a ride of trying to figure out what the hell was happening. I can't even talk about the end because I sat there the whole ending like: "Uhhh what's happening?"  Also there were a lot of times certain characters popped up and you have no idea who they are even though they are supposed to be important to the story. It was a mess. It was a hella mess but I can't rate this any less than 9 stars. No I'm not bias I love the story it told even if it wasn't meant to be the actual story. Lol

Also please know if you watch this there should be a trigger warning of suicide. Which again, plays a huge roll in what Kpop singers and groups go through. It's heart shattering.

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