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{Review} 사이코지만 괜찮아 (It's Okay To Not Be Okay)

Original Title: 사이코지만 괜찮아
Also Known As: It's Okay To Not Be Okay/Psycho But It's Okay
Director: Park Shin-woo
Distributor: tvN
Released: June 20, 2020
Genre: Romance/Drama/Thriller
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rating: ?/10
Add To: Netflix
A road to emotional healing opens up for an antisocial children's book author and an employee in a psychiatric hospital.

버거운 삶의 무게로 사랑을 거부하는 정신 병동 보호사 강태와 태생적 결함으로 사랑을 모르는 동화 작가 문영이 서로의 상처를 보듬고 치유해가는 한 편의 판타지 동화 같은 사랑에 관한 로맨틱 코미디
**Unrated Right Now: Please read why**

I honestly don't know when I will add a rating to this. Possibly when the pain stops? I STG I really not okay with this. The show is great. Don't get me wrong. The actors were phenomenal! The storyline was one of a kind and deserves nothing but love. But there was some things that literally knocked the air out of me to the point of a panic attack and sobbing. (SHINee fans, please be warned, I will be talking about him in my review. I hope you can continue, but I totally understand if you need to stop here.) 

The show starts off promising and really creepy. The creepy aspect is what really pulled me in honestly. I was hooked from the moment it started. That was.... until I got further in around episode two or 3 When they are outside of the hospital and Moon-Young is smoking and Kang-Tae says something like: "This is a non smoking area can you put that out?" To which Moon-Young says: "Do you believe in fate? Fate is nothing special. If you appear when I need you, that’s fate."
Okay first of all, there was honestly no need to say that and second and most important of all... 
"So what I'm saying is... I don't think fate is anything special. What we are is fate."
Before people even come at me saying "yeah it's similar but it's not the same." I admit I cut it off for honestly a few weeks until I talked myself into watching it again thinking "okay... maybe it was a one time thing" (It wasn't, by the way, they replayed it in later episodes) but this main MAIN low blow was episode 15. Episode 15 is where I really lost my shit. When I say I lost it, I mean I had to stop the show and call a friend because I was shaking and sobbing. Of all the things that could have been used. Of all the the things that could have been said there is a scene where Moon-Young sits on the bed and says "You did well, Moon-Young. You did well" (I'm honestly crying again just writing this part) ... YOU USED A QUOTE FROM HIS SUICIDE LETTER?!?! ARE YOU SHITTING ME?!?! You are lower than DIRT for doing that! 

I wanted to give this show a 10 out of 10 because the storyline is amazing and the acting is the best I think I have ever seen and I don't blame the actors one bit. But I do blame those who directed and wrote this. WHY?! Why would you do this? There are so many people who would love to rate this show as high as possible but WON'T because you crossed the line when you did this. 

I get this should be a review about the show but... I can't.. keep myself together long enough to even form words about the other parts of the show. Which I know is unprofessional and messy but put yourself in Shawol/Blingers shoes... put yourself in his families, bandmates, friends shoes. And yes, some of his friend have watched this show and honestly looked incredibly uncomfortable talking about it and quickly moved to talk about something else. That should be a huge red flag that this is NOT okay. Even with fans raising hell they still haven't put an acknowledgement to him, which is literally all we asked. It's fucked up and honestly until I can really sit down and think about this, I can't rate this show.

I wanted so much to be able to boast about this show especially since it touches on mental illnesses and shows that they aren't something to be ashamed of (even if the english translation "Psycho but It's okay" is a little lot off-putting. Let's face it though. They used Jonghyun and other situations like the Burning Sun scandal as clout. That's one thing I will not touch on though. I saw that part. I won't be mentioning it other than that because it makes me want to fucking vomit. It's amusing they could bring up how amazing blackpink is - as well as other girl groups/singers - but they wouldn't be fucked to give props to Jonghyun. Y'all batshit crazy if you think fans will stop demanding you to give him acknowledgement.

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