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{Review} Pain and Knowledge by Vivienne Saint Louis


Title: Faith Spiritwolfe - Pain and Knowledge
Series: Faith Spiritwolfe #1
Author: Vivienne Saint Louis
Pages: 200
Published: March 25th 2020
Publisher: Independently Published
Genre: Young Adult/Supernatural
My Rating: 4/5
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Sixteen-year-old Faith has always known she was different and her peers never let her forget it; she can communicate with the dead, she can start fires with a flick of her wrist and that she can transform into a sleek black panther. She's just never known why. Faith is relieved when her cold father and distant relatives raise no objections to her invitation to an elite school for the gifted. Which, coincidentally, happens to be where her parents met.
In her search for answers, Faith meets the charismatic Lex, a senior with eyes like snow who looks at Faith with such intensity. He beckons her with his mysterious powers and knowledge of her mother. Finally, she’ll know why she can do things others can’t. She ignores the warnings of her new school friends to stay away from him. But when a hidden ability frightens them all, Lex hints at an unspeakable darker truth to her origins and the true nature of her abilities. 
My Thoughts
★★★★ Stars
I received this book in return for a honest review.

So I'm not going to lie, I had to put this book down.. a lot. And when I say this it's not because the book was bad. The storyline was actually really amazing and the storyline alone will leave you wanting more. But I feel like it might need a little buffering, maybe?

Faith was usually a enjoyable and relatable character but sometimes I felt like she (as well as a few others) came off as a bit - childish. Which I mean given she's a teenager and has just had her life flipped upside down, I can see why she would be the way she is, but there comes a point where you kinda just need to grab the bull by the horns. lol. As for the other characters I really didn't feel any connection with them? Even after restarting the book a few times, I kinda forgot some of their names. Which really sucks but I think mainly it has to do with when they are first introduced, they were rude and cold and made me not want to know them... but also new characters constantly being introduced? I felt overwhelmed with all the characters and it left me feeling more like a guessing game of who the person was.

The only other issue I had was I felt like things were rushed - while I love a quick book, I also worry about information dumps which overwhelm readers and that's what happened a lot when important things were brought up. Usually with these important things, new characters were mentioned and it was kinda off-putting.

Now with that being said, I'm not sure what kind of magic Vivienne Saint Louis put into this book, but she did something. Lol If you know me when I read books like this I'm quick to brush it off and move along - BUT... there is just something about this story that makes me want to reread it again until I learn and sort everything out just so I can read book two? I've actually never experienced this kinda feeling before. It's tripping me out. Lol 

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