Sunday, May 3, 2020

{Review} 곤지암 (Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum)

Original Title: 곤지암
Also Known As: Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum
Director: Jung Bum-Shik
Distributor: Showbox
Released: Mar 28, 2018
Genre: Horror/Supernatural/Paranormal
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rating: 10/10
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Based on the local legends and stories of people who've visited the real-life abandoned hospital, GONJIAM: HAUNTED ASYLUM follows the crew of a horror web show who plan to stream live from inside the asylum. To attract more viewers, the show's host arranges some scares for the team, but as they move further into the nightmarish old building, they begin to encounter much more than expected.
My Thoughts
★★★★★★★★★★  Stars
Maaaaaan!!!! Oh hell naw. Guess who has every light on in the house now? That's right. Me. Guess who is about to spend the next 239742938 hour watching every happy disney movie? Meeeeee. Guess who probably won't sleep tonight. Right again, ME!

Y'all. Holy crap. This movie was freaking amazing. You already know I have a weak spot for horror/paranormal shows. I'm also very judgmental about them as well. I hate the cheesy-corny feel to a lot of them. I love the scared feeling I get from a really good horror movie and 곤지암 really delivered on that feeling. What is even more crazy is with a lot of movies like this you can clearly tell it's fake - like a director and everything is behind the camera... Dude.... This movie legit had me wondering if what I was watching was really happening or not. WHICH IS SAYING SOMETHING!!! Because one actor (위하준) is one actor I really like. So I know if anything crazy happened, pretty sure I would know. Haha! But that just shows how real this actually felt! I actually can't tell you the last time I watched a movie/show that felt that real. I won't lie, I spent a good chunk of my time watching through my fingers and I still jumped like crazy!! When I say I jumped, I mean I yeeted everything in my lap nearly across the room. Don't judge me.

The acting in this movie... Oh my gosh they all need awards. I think now every movie like this will end up compared to this movie. Haha I can't stress this enough.... WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! 

Also can we take a moment to talk about this is a actual real place? Because... that just blows my mind. Not sure why. There are tons of movies about real places like this and none of them blow my mind quite like this. Now, is the story the same as the movie storyline? I'm honestly not sure so I can't tell you. But I will say it has peaked my interest and I plan on reading up about this place. Will I ever visit it? Lol Nope. You couldn't pay me enough. This movie traumatized me. Haha

Snippet of information I've found:
The hospital is technically closed to the public and locals do not encourage tourists or give directions to the asylum willingly but roughly a thousand people break in and roam the grounds of Gonjiam Psychiatric hospital every year. The buildings stand complete with rusted out machines, hospital remnants, trash, and filthy mattresses, adding to its creepy and haunted reputation. -atlasobscura

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