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{Review} 미녀는 괴로워 (200 Pounds Beauty)

Original Title: 미녀는 괴로워
Also Known As: 200 Pounds Beauty
Director: Kim Yong-hwa
Distributor: Showbox
Released: December 24, 2006
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Drama
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rating: 4/10
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If you could change your appearance to get what you want out of life, what would you change? For Kang Han Na (Kim Ah Joong), who is overweight and unhappy with her career and life, the answer is everything. Han Na works as a lip sync vocalist for famous pop singer Ammy (Ji Seo Yun) and also part-time as a phone sex operator. She wants to make it as a singer in her own right – but she just doesn’t have the looks for it. When Ammy embarrasses Han Na in front of music company executive Sang Jun (Joo Jin Mo), her secret crush, Han Na is devastated and decides to make some changes. She blackmails one of her phone sex regulars, a prominent plastic surgeon, into giving her a full-body, plastic-surgery makeover. With an astoundingly beautiful new look, Han Na returns as “Jenny” and reapplies for the position as Amy’s lip sync vocalist, only to be given her own record deal by Sang Jun. But can Han Na be happy achieving success while living a lie? “200 Pounds Beauty” is a 2006 South Korean comedy film directed by Yong Hwa Kim. Based on the Japanese manga “Kanna-San, Daiseikou Desu” by Yumiko Suzuki, the film won the 2007 Grand Bell Awards for Best Actress (Kim Ah Jung, who sang all the tracks for the movie) and Best Cinematography (Park Hyeon Cheol).

My Thoughts
★★★★  Stars
When I first heard about this movie, I could NOT wait to watch it. So when I finally found it on Tubi, you best bet your girl was on it hella quick.... It did not take long at all to realize I had made a terrible mistake.
I wish I had never laid eyes on it. Which makes me feel weird because EVERYWHERE I look, people are going nuts and giving it 10 stars. Don't get me wrong, if I rated by just the acting, I would give it 10 stars. My hate has nothing to do with the characters but more with the storyline. As someone who battles with her own body image, this movie made me feel as worthless as I always feel.

I wish so much that I could say that I laughed and loved this movie so much and that others should watch it too... But it would be a lie, and if you've known me long enough, I tell it like it is. Even if it hurts.

The only thing I took from this movie is that unless you are skinny, you are unlovable. You're not beautiful. You are just replaceable trash to those around you.  Again, this is just my thoughts, Which is why I'm not saying anyone sound watch this. Because I don't want others who battle with self image feel the way I do right now. I'm not saying everyone will feel the same. I'm sure others will love the hell out of this movie. I'm just throwing this out there..... in case.

I did love the main character though. She was ditzy and cute in her own way. I hate that she couldn't see the beauty in herself until she changed. I hate that she loved someone so much that only *saw* her when she was skinny. I adored her friend who was always there for her no matter what though. She deserved better. The friend and the dad were to cute. I want to say the dad was my favorite out of the whole thing. It broke my heart how he got treated though.

If it was up to me, my tags for this movie would be different but I followed what it is really labeled under. I found no romance or comedy in this movie. I laughed a few times but it was quickly cut short every time. I cried watching this movie more than anything.

If you ask me why I rated it 4 stars, it's purely for the actors. As I said, if I could I would give it 10 stars just for their acting. But for the movie itself.... I wish I could give it 0 stars. Not a fan of watching things that makes people seem like trash when they aren't. You can be skinny and be loved. You can be "fat" and be loved. You just have to find the person that loves YOU. You shouldn't have to change for anyone.  Remember, no matter how you look, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! 

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