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{Review} 0.0MHz

Original Title: 0.0MHz
Also Known As: -
Director: Yoo Sun-Dong
Distributor: Smile Entertainment
Released: May 29, 2019
Genre: Horror/Supernatural/Paranormal
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
My Rating: 10/10
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Members of a supernatural exploration club go into a haunted house.
Based on webcomic "0.0MHz" by Jang Jak (first published 2012): WebToon

My Thoughts
★★★★★★★★★★  Stars

Oh hell naw. Nope. No. Naw. No, sir. Okay so I did give this movie 10 stars which I feel was a bit to generous buuuuuut...  There is just something about this movie that just left me sitting here after credits like "O__O Boy that was good"

I admit this came up on my recommendations a lot and from the first time I saw it it peaked my interest but I could never find out much about it. Usually a cover and synopsis have to draw me in. It's the bookworm in me, I guess. Lol. But like I said, there was just something about it. The cover is just like "you know you want to watch me."and yes, yes I did. Lol from what I have read about it (and it could be wrong for all I know) is that this movie was actually only filmed within a few months. Which really blew me away because to me I would have guessed it took the average amount to at least a year. But nope. That says a lot to me as well because the acting was off the charts amazing. I haven't heard of any of the actors (that I know of) but if I based them off just this movie, I would want to see more of their works.

The storyline was really interesting. It's the average "haunting/ghost hunting" but they managed to make it creepier. Whoever did makeup needs a raise. The only thing I didn't like about the storyline was, it was open in a lot of places and left me with a lot of questions. From the start we don't really know how or why it's really there and even later when it gives viewers a chance to hear what COULD BE the story of the ghost, they kinda blew it by wasting time. She talks about wanting to make people pay but doesn't really say why? Which makes me wonder why they call it a ghost and not a demon then. Because usually ghosts have reasons and say why, demons just want people to suffer? I don't know. All I do know is I would have liked a little more explanation. I loved the jump scares. It's probably the only way I ever really get "scared". When they happened in this movie - it made me actually scream. Even with all the lights on in my house it caught me off guard. Haha

That ending!! oh my GAH!!! That ending!!! I didn't see that coming! That ... really took me by surprise. Usually I can kinda tell how something will end but this ending left me shocked like "Are you for real?!" Lol Hell yes! I love a shocking ending. 

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