Saturday, December 8, 2018

{Update} Yes, Another one

Okay so as we all know... I don't get many replies. I'm lame. (kidding) but really, with all the different formats that blogger uses, I still think it sucks Blogger and Wordpress won't team up to at least let one comment on the other without signing up for a blog you'll never use.

Honestly, I can't stand wordpress. I think I signed up for it before I signed up for blogger and just... Yuck. Ll but to each their own.

So. To TRY to make things a little better, I'm following Esther's advice and added Disqus as the comment section instead of the usual Blogger comment section. Yes, it now looks like I have had multiple comments talking to myself... I haven't. I promise. But for some reason when I Synced comments, only mine synced (Esther, little help here? Lol)

For now this is the only update. Thinking about getting rid of a lot of things now though because everything just feels so cluttered.

If you want to give advise on what I should get rid of. please let me know!

What should I toss, what should I keep?

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