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{Review} The Orphan's Code by C.R.R. Hillin


Title: The Orphan's Code
Author: C.R.R. Hillin
Pages: 506
Published: August 29th 2018
Publisher: BookWorm Editing
Genre: YA/Historical
My Rating: 5/5
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Welcome to the city of Bermeia: once the seat of a vast empire, now a chaotic hive of oppression, civil unrest, and corruption. Within its walls, the lives of hundreds of thousands of people intertwine.
A rogue thief narrowly escapes arrest again and again as he takes revenge upon the soldiers and nobles who prey upon the weak.
A homeless girl hunts for her next meal and a way out of the city past the guards at the gate.
Four teenagers hide in the ruins, fugitives of the law working desperately to protect and feed the group of orphaned children in their care.
A clandestine organization of women with mysterious powers sends one of their own to serve as a spy in the royal court.
The last remnants of the royal family spread tendrils through the city’s vast criminal network, slowly enacting a decades-long vendetta.
And the man who usurped the crown sits uneasily on his throne, hanging onto his kingdom by a thread even as he seeks to create a new empire.
And all of them, though they might not know it, are searching for the same boy: the heir to the throne, missing since birth and about to come of age.
The people are waiting.

My Thoughts:
★★★★★ Stars

Please excuse my language in this review, but I swear if you read this book (please read it) you will understand why I have been screaming the last 20 minutes.

I admit, I have called a ton of books a roller coaster. But this book was the MASTER roller coaster. It's the coaster that EVERYONE wants to ride. That has a line backed up for MILES!

This book left me breathless and shaky and screaming. Y'all, I don't have the fucking WORDS for how I feel about this book! All I want to do it shove it in people's faces and scream "READ IT NOW!" then watch over their shoulders going "uh huh. Uh huh. I know I know. Yep. Fucked up, yeah?"

No one better ask me what this book is about because I can't tell you. That's how amazing this book was. "Lol nope, you better fucking read it." I'll tie you down and turn the pages for you. (I'm kidding) But yeah. Lol this book will haunt me for life.

Hillin is such a amazing writer! While I read, I forgot I was real. Lol Her writing is so powerful that once you start reading, you're gone. Lol And the characters.. Oh man, there is so much I want to say about the but I'm still screaming.

I adore Rose. I hated Rose. You can ask Hillin. Lol I hated Rose with a passion but she promised I would love her, and she was right. I loved seeing her GROW. When you read a book, a character is usually set a certain way and nothing changes them - They are who they are. While Rose was this hard character, over time she didn't become soft exactly, but she opened..... Exactly like a Rose. Soft but if you fuck with her, she will make you bleed.

I really loved the Orphans. *hard laugh* love(d). Can I just leave it at that? I have never wanted to beat a book to death in my life because of characters. That was so sudden that it just left you screaming "What kind of shit is that!?" over and over. I'm gonna leave it at that because it just pisses me off all over again. I don't want to damage my book by throwing it. Just saying. Lol

The only thing I wasn't all about was the kings part of the story. I mean yeah, he has a massive role to play in all this but I'm not sure of it's because he is just disgusting or if it's because I was so enthralled with Rose's story  that I didn't really care for his story.  Don't get me wrong, the whole book is amazing but I don't really know how to explain it other than Hillin wrote him so well, I'm 99.99% sure when you read his parts, your skin will want to crawl off your body. He is just *gags uncontrollably*

If you say it's not a love story; First off, fuck you. Second, it's a love story and I fucking adore it. It wasn't instant love. Which most books are set on having. Not that I mind them, but it's amazing to have a change once in a while. But even though it wasn't instant love, when it FINALLY happened, the tension was like a rubber band popping. Like *boom*! It's mind boggling but in a awesome way!
They are so adorable together.

But that ending. Omgggggg. It left me exhausted. Not kidding in the slightest. I was shaking and breathless and pissed and crying. I have never in my life had a ending make me feel every single emotion in the span of a page in ONE line.

That last line. If it had to be written on my headstone, it wouldn't be a damn lie either. Lol

If you have a chance to read this book, please read it. It's so amazing!

My all time favorite quote from this book is:
"Being selfish makes you rich 'an gets you what you want. Bein' good gets you fuckall."

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