Monday, November 19, 2018

{Update} New Theme and Turkey Day!

Hello ello Zombabes, Ghouls, Gals, Ghosts, and Goblins!

~Bundle up, it's gonna be cold in here~
Merry fraking Christmas! Yeah, I know Turkey day is rolling up quick. No I'm not passing it. But from my theme, you'd think it was snow in your underpants in Alaska at the dead of winter.


My new theme is so COLD! I think I have made a huge mistake with this one, yeah? What should I change? I tried to match the background color with the banner grayish color because keeping it white or another color just didn't look right to me. I dunno. Y'all know me! Blog has to me a total Chameleon.
Talk to me! Don't be shy! If need be, tell me to go back or tell me something looks like straight poopydook! (I know Italic is blinding but I don't use it often so maybe it's not *so* bad? .......... I need to change it anyway don't I?)

Honestly, some days I just feel like swiping the whole thing and starting completely over. But the thought of having to mess with coding again make my skin crawl. The fact that I use to love coding and designing and stuff makes me wonder if someone use to slip me crack or something lol (I'm kidding!) 


Who is ready for Thanksgiving? Really don't think anyone really "cares" for it... They just want the food. Food is life. Food is.... Foooooood. *drools* What are you most ready for though? Family? Food? Love? I'm ready for it all. Lol 

I have something else to ask you all... Please, for the love of all things delicious, PLEASE leave some blog links for me to check out. I only know like 3 of y'alls blogs. I need more. Lol so if you know anyone with a awesome blog that needs some love, let me know. Got a post I haven't stalked and left my mark on yet, let. me. know. Drop links, drop something. Ya girl is dying here!!!

With that being said, Happy Thanksgiving my zombabes, freaks and geeks! May your Thanksgiving me drama free and the food forever flowing and may that awesome granny be in town to slip you one of those holiday checks! LOL!!!!!! 


  1. I'm so excited for the cold weather! My grandma is also visiting, so for Turkey Day I'm baking a Dutch Apple Pie and a pumpkin spice bundt cake! :) Hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving!!

    My friend's blog (Keep On Reading):

    1. Never had any of those, honestly but I'm drooling over the sound of both! Lol I hope you have such an amazing day! Our weather lately has reached that shorts and heavy coat time of year. Lol sweat inn the morning but freeze by night. Haha

      Thank you so much for dropping your friends link! definitely giving her a follow. <3

  2. I'm not dropping anything but love... *hands over a bag full of love*

    Merry Christmas (I've been listening to Xmass songs all day...)

    1. *cries holding bag of love* I feel so loved!!

      I have been wanting to listen to Christmas music so bad but I fear those mighty people with torches and pitchforks! I'll be ran out of town on a rail and not in a sexy way! (*cackling because I can't believe I just wrote that*)

      Rofl ... Now I really feel like doing a Christmas post. Is it to soon? Hmmmm ....

      XD ILY, please tell me you will post a thanksgiving post with tons of food pictures. You KNOW MEEEEE!!!! Food is my life. Hahaha

      Okay Im done. Haha. Have a awesome day. ^_^

    2. Ok, hold on..... Wait for it... Don't run away screaming...

      We don't do Thanksgiving in The Netherlands *cries hysterically*

  3. I think your theme looks good! I like that you matched your background colour with your banner...looks good to me! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you so much! That really means a lot! ^_^ Hope your day is epic!
      Happy Thanksgiving! ^_^


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