Wednesday, November 28, 2018

{Update} More Edits!

Hello by lovely Zombabes, ghouls, and gals! ..... And hi to the vampires, werewolves, and faes as well and all you other lovely little creatures!
So here is the deal ....
I'm currently working on getting this place set up. I think I am done so far. If you notice, All of my old posts no longer have the signature bit on them, Might fix them, might not.... Because that would take me hours and hours and hours. I don't think I have enough life points to get through all those hours. Lol
Also, I have added a read more deal as you have asked for. So no more scrolling till your fingers fall off looking for what you need.

Should I at least edit some of my old posts to add "read more?" Legit question there.

Also, currently working on my own book. Paranormal ;) Watch, now that I have said something about it, all inspiration will just *poof* lol. Ugh this is gonna suck if it does. Lol

Let me know what ya'll think of the blog though! 


  1. Ooh, I wish you luck with your book!! I'm currently revising my own, can't wait to hear more about yours!!

    1. I officially have the opening done, I believe. Lol I'm so excited and nervous. No idea why. Maybe because I've wanted to write for years and am finally able to? I dunno. Lol

      oooo! What kind of book are you writing?


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