Friday, September 1, 2017

♫Most wonderful time of the year♫

Okay not really but it's a start right!
Finally, right?!

Okay now that that is out of the way, how has everyone been doing? Well I hope! I am so sorry I haven't been posting much. Again, hopefully that changes. I miss posting. I miss you all.. even if you don't miss me, I still miss you, my little zombabies! I dunno. Lol

I want to kick this off with, Texas, y'all are in my prayers! I know this is late and I apologize! I am sorry y'all are having to go through all of this. But never fear! The Cajun Army is there kicking butt and I know they won't let you down. Texas, you have Louisiana's love and prayers!

That eclipse really kicked up some dust into the world's eyes, am I right? No idea what the eclipse looked like, after all, from the awesome vantage points of Louisiana we got a EPIC view..... of a cloud. *sarcastic yaaay* Yep. That's what we saw.

Anywho, after that, floods, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes in places they have no business being just exploded all over. It's heart breaking. But have you noticed all the hate stopped. Even if it was just for a second. Everyone was helping everyone..... Except Joel Osteen. He was in his on million dollar world. It's sad people had to call him out before he even opened his doors and help.

Now, I try not to talk about many things like this, but I am not in shock he did this. He has always been a snake in the grass. I have no idea how he manages to have so many followers. But whatever. I'm glad he got the stick out of his butt and helped. Hopefully it doesn't backfire on those in need. Knowing him though a picture might end up crooked and he sue the person who just lost their home and family for billions of dollars.

Okay, I'm done with that. Lets talk books! I'm not trying to brush Texas off, I swear. But if I keep on, I'm just gonna keep getting more and more mad. All I can offer is my prayers right now, Texas, you WILL pull through this.

It's is that time of year when people see a leaf on the ground and scream "FALL!!!!"
.....I am one of those people. Lol Even if leaves don't fall here. In fact, we don't even have fall. One day it's 120 degrees and the next, it's 70 degrees. There lies our winter. Lol We don't really have Spring and Fall and we only get about 2 weeks of "winter" hahahaha maybe it'll be different this year. I wish it would snow and stick. *loving magical eyes*

I said I would talk about books didn't I.... Guess my mind is else where because I have no idea Lol

How many of you have seen all the "Halloween" books out already? I HAVE!!! And I couldn't help myself. I saw some on Netgalley and snagged a few.... I regret it. I am currently reading Halloween Carnival VOL 1 (which I will be done with soon after I post this) but it has all these Halloween short stories in it and the cover looks super creepy. I am on the last story and I am honestly upset. The first two stories were just so heart shattering sad!! They had me in tears! And the rest are just "eh".
I was hoping for a thrill dang it! I want to feel the season rolling in! This book did not do it. I wouldn't really recommend this book if you are looking for a thrill. What I would recommend are those creepy short stories from the freaking 90's. I remember growing up reading them from the library and having nightmares for days after. Lol

Has anyone else noticed that? The 90s were pretty much when everything ended. Everything "scary" has already been done. Yeah some remakes scare the mess out of me, but others make me roll my eyes so hard, I fear they will get stuck.

Anywho -
What are your "creepy" reads this Fall/Halloween? 

Please say someone will answer this, because I need some reads. I know I am behind on a LOT of "new" books but I really would like to read some scary books this year.

The last scary book I read was honestly The Sleepwalkers by J. Gabriel Gates and that was way back in 2014. Lol

So what books y'all got? If you don't have any, what are you at least looking forward to this fall? Lol


  1. I should definitely pick up a "fall-book". Shall think about that one..

    FALL IS MY FAVE SEASON EVERRRRR. In The Netherlands there is rain, storm, wind, thunderstorms, yay! And I'm inside reading by my fireplace with tea, socks and a good book!
    Love it :)

    1. It rained a bit here but it was because of the brush of hurricane in Texas. We got the tail end of the rain. It cooled a lot here because of it. I hope the cool stats. I'm sick of the heat.

      If you come across any good fall/Halloween reads, please let me know!! I really hope a lot are released this year but I doubt it. :(

      Oh! Speaking of tea, I came across some hibiscus tea today and took a chance on it... It tastes so freaking amazing. I'm in love.

      ๐ŸŒบ ๐ŸŽƒ

      Sorry it took so long to respond BTW, revamping my blog. Still not done but will work on it more tomorrow.

    2. I'll have to try that tea sometime! Currently drinking a lot of fresh mint tea, with the real leaves and stuff and a bit of honey, LOVE IT.

      Your new background looks awesome btw :)

    3. Sounds refreshing! I need to find some! Lol

      Thank you! I am wondering what color I should change the grey to. Should I keep it grey or should I go with white or black? Or something different?

      I could use all the help I can get with this honestly. Lol I want to keep it updated and fresh to catch everyone's eye. Lol

    4. I like the way it looks now, with the brown, only the brown letters on the brown background are a bit hard to read for me...

      So maybe make the font bright orange, or darker brown?!

    5. Which brown letters? O.O
      All mine are different oranges, I'm hoping they aren't different on different browsers. (I did the html a but different, hoping I didn't screw the coding up)

    6. Your menu's on the left sidebar are a bit darkerbrownish on my PC..... I'm using Google Chrome on Windows, don't know if that makes any difference

    7. I am going to try to work on this today. Sorry it is taking so long.

  2. It's interesting that you picked up on the, let's say, decrease (however that's not the word i'd use) in hate and spite within our world over the last few weeks as these horrible disasters started. It's nice to see that despite the chaos, we, as people, as humans - can at least try to come together during a time like this.

    I haven't read any scary, horror type of books and i've never really considered it until now. Will have to have a search. As for the season of autumn, or "fall, I'm excited for everything! This is my favourite time of the year!

    Faye x

    1. True that. I wish it would last once all this is over, but I know the hate will bounce right back after everything is said and done. It is so heartbreaking. SMH.

      I always try to read scary stuff around this time of year. Lol. I know RL Stine NEVER fails (least not for me) but I was trying to branch out a bit. I found a book but it wasn't scary or Halloween-y in the slightest other than the cover alone. Haha. I'm not giving up hope yet though! XD



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