Friday, April 21, 2017

Forests of the Night (The Haunting of Grey Hills #2) by Jennifer Skogen


Title: Forests of the Night
Series: The Haunting of Grey Hills #2
Author: Jennifer Skogen
Genre: Mature Young Adult/Young Adult/Paranormal/Horror
My Rating: 3/5
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"The Door of the Dead is open, and Macy hones her newfound powers destroying the ghosts who emerge. However, when she meets a ghost who reminds her of her dead brother, Macy decides to spare him. While Dominick and his friends try to find a way to close the Door, Macy's dangerous friendship grows stronger. Ultimately, everyone must decide what secrets are worth keeping, and what price they are willing to pay for them"

My Thoughts
★★★ Stars

Don't you sometimes wish that pets would come back instead of people? Puppies and hamsters following us around. Little poodle ghosts?

Man, I can NOT get over this story line. It is so off the charts for me. I am so invested in this story and the characters now that I want to read the whole series in one sitting. I enjoy the story line so much, it's literally the only thing that keeps me reading and sucked in. I've never in my life read anything quiet like this before.

But... Just like book one, it has its issues. Mainly, the profanity. Again, by chapter two I started keeping tally.

Again, the cussing was just nonstop and so unnecessary. I just don't understand the need to have all these in here so often to the point where you leave readers asking "Why did you even put that there?"

And the drinking takes a more active roll in this book. Trev pretty much STAYS wasted. And somehow they always manage to have alcohol on had with no parents knowing. Then again the parents in these books are pretty much null and void.

Sorry, I'm just not a fan of the cussing and drinking nonstop. Especially since this is classed as Middle Grade/Young Adult. It sets a really horrible example.

If the story line wasn't so dang good I would have quit reading halfway through book one. Lol. I'm so conflicted! I don't know how I feel about them. Like I'm obsessed with the books for the storyline but despise it for the profanity and drinking. Lol ugh.

That ending though.

You're gonna end it like that?! Oh heck naw!!! Lol

I admit, once the dead bodies started showing up, I knew what was going on. But the last two pages. Oh. Freaking. Crap. did not see that coming! I think I stared slack-jawed for a good 5 minutes before I got my barrings back. Haha.

I'm really looking forward to book three but judging by these first two, I won't hold my breath for less profanity.

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