Thursday, April 14, 2016

White Raven (Raven, #1) by J.L. Weil


It only took one heartbeat to change my life—one chilling phone call in the middle of the night.
And then, as if my life didn’t already suck, my dad sends my brother and me to some idyllic island for the summer to live with a grandma we never met. WTH. Naturally, I rebel. In the end, I find myself shipped off to Raven Hallow…and bored to tears.
Until I get an eyeful of the mind-bendingly gorgeous Zane Hunter. The dark-hair cutie makes my pulse go bonkers, and I think, maybe this might not be so bad after all. Six feet of swoon inducing looks, with a hint of Celtic charm in his voice, he was the type of guy that left a string of broken hearts in his wake. And I had all the heartbreak I could handle.
Yet, there is something uncanny, almost supernatural about Zane, and it’s not just his devastating smirk. No matter how much distance I put between us, Raven Hallow isn’t big enough, and the sparking tension between is undeniable. Of course, the one person I want to avoid becomes my salvation.
My past comes back to terrorize me. Someone wants me dead, and the closer I get to the truth, the more I realize my whole life is a lie. I am no longer sure what is more frightening—the attempts on my life or the guy whose heart and soul are synchronized with mine. 

My Thoughts
★★★★ Stars
I received this book via NG in return for an honest review.
I adored this book. Honestly, the character reminded me of myself to the point of saying things I would say. Lol. I thought this book was very well paced and the character building was amazing. I liked how even though she wasn't a fan of "girl" friends, she managed to make a few anyway, well, one anyways. I liked how the reapers and death weren't your typical "black hooded cloak with a crazy looking scythe". The fact that death had a sense of humor was just awesome to me. But of course, there is the insta-love...  Which I'm not knocking, I'm just wishing it weren't predictable. For once I kinda wish the girl wouldn't go for the "bad boy".... and I kinda wish she would have went with who she was SUPPOSE to be with. He is so adorable! Ugh I just love him! Anywho, I wish we could have known more about a few characters like Rose and her mama. And to be honest, I actually am curious to know more about her brother for the fact, he might be younger and a "gamer" but that doesn't make him blind. As a brother, I'm sure he is still protective over his sister and was wondering where she was going all the time. What did he think about all the crazy things going on, ya know?
A few things I had trouble with ... well, not really trouble, it just made me think "that's not possible" is when they were talking about Banshees and Reapers. They made it seem like Piper was both... Which isn't possible, considering Reapers reap the souls while a Banshees cry warns of an impending death. I could be missing something here or she could just be making her own kind of Banshee.
Also at one point, I really thought it said the twins were five minutes apart, but later it says four? I'd I'm wrong, someone, please tell me.
Over all, I adored this book and can not wait to get my hands on book two! I need it. NOW!

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