Monday, April 25, 2016

The Far End by Randal Licato


Am I Dreaming? Maybe...Maybe not.
Telby is awakened by a freakishly hairy,
talking creature who calls himself the Ricksnuff.
The Ricksnuff pulls a ladder from his mouth
that leads into a strange place and offers Telby
a deal: If he leaves his life behind,
and climbs up the ladder, he can be someone new.
Telby thinks life is pointless, a waste,
and nothing is new.
He will prove the Ricksnuff wrong.

My Thoughts
★★★★★ Astounding Stars
I received this book  in return for an honest review.
What a wonderful adventure!
I truly enjoyed this book. When I first started I read the note from the author and he mentioned that he didn't want to push his beliefs on anyone. Reading this, I couldn't help wonder why he would say that because I didn't really see how this has to do anything with religion, but... that chapter made me realize, as well as the last page confirming it, then I truly understood.... And it was beautiful.
Which is kinda odd I guess, huh.... All these monsters and crazy adventures, yet still beautiful because of that beautiful ending. 

To be honest, I really can see this being a child's book. The writing was so fluid and enticing that it just kept you hooked, reading non-stop. The monsters ... reminded me of R.L. Stine's writing. Lol. Which is even more epicly awesome because I love R.L. Stine and these fella's (monsters; even Rick) seemed like they stepped out of a Goosebumps book! Lol. It was wonderful and left me in awe! 

I really would recommend this book. It's for all ages. Young and old..... and take it from someone who actually really doesn't like "adventure" books, this one is amazing. 
I have actually read 2 other books by Randal Licato (Adeline and The Other Side) and I would sooooooo recommend those as well! He is a awesome author. His books are short but have such a impact, it leaves you with a "whoa, that was awesome!" feeling and really makes you think... And he is one of those authors that when you read his books, you'll remember them years later even if you've only read them once.

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