Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Dreadful Fate of Jonathan York: A Yarn for the Strange at Heart by Kory Merritt


Discover the horrible fate of Jonathan York as he sets out on his journey through a spooky forest with an alarming party of travelmates!
Jonathan York has led a boring life – a pointless degree from the community college, a lackluster job at the General Store, and never any desire for something more exciting. But when fate leaves him stranded in a sinister land,he finds himself seeking an adventure of his own. Along the way he encounters ghoulish thieves, ravenous swamp monsters, a dastardly ice cream conspiracy, and a necromancer bent on human sacrifice. In this beautifully illustrated, four-color novel, Jonathan York's life takes a decidedly spooky turn!

My Thoughts
★★★★★+ Creepy-Awesome Stars
I received this book via NG in return for an honest review.
This book was so fun and amazing! I couldn't help but be in awe the whole time I was reading it. This is my kind of book! I loved everything about it and how creepy-awesome it was. Even after finishing it, I'm still sitting here going "wow! that was epic!" I think this is perfect for all ages (if you're the kind of parent who lets their kids watch creepy things... kinda like Monster High.) That's just my opinion though. 5 Creepy-Awesome Stars & definitely adding to my To Buy list.

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