Friday, July 3, 2015

INK by Glenn Benest


His studio has become his refuge and his prison - a place of boundless imagination and lonely isolation. Brian Archer, creator of a series of successful graphic novels about a vengeful supernatural being called “The Highwayman,” has become a recluse after the adoration of a female fan turned to rage and violence.
But all that changes when he meets a renowned and beautiful illustrator, A.J. Hart, who carries emotional scars of her own. Their work together is fueled by the unrequited passion they share and a mysterious bottle of black ink that arrives one day at Brian’s doorstep.
The impossibly dark liquid has mystical properties, making their characters appear so real they eventually come to life, reigning terror on those who mean them harm and if not stopped—threatens to unleash an apocalypse on all mankind. Brian must break free of his self-imposed exile and solve the mystery that allowed these terrible creatures into the world.

My Thoughts
★★★★★+ "HOLY FREAKIN CRAP!" Stars.
I received this book in return for an honest review.
The start of the book totally makes me think of Riders On The Storm by The Doors
My brain is in total fangirl mode right now. I love love LOOOOVE this book!
I really love how this book started off. It really drew me in, I wasn't expecting what I saw in the start of chapter one, honestly. I think that twist was brilliant.
It's one of those read in one sitting kind of books because the author just keeps you so enthralled, you don't want to put it down because you just KNOW you'll end up missing something, but it is also one of those books where you have to force yourself to slow down and reread the whole page again because you read it so fast your brain didn't even have time to pickup what you just read.
I know some people might not like some of the Point Of View switching (I normally don't) but in this case? LOOOOVED it! It was so great to get to see from so many sides and get what the other characters were thinking.
Liiiiike, oh, say.... Deke. (I seriously love Deke. I mean really, can a dog be any more adorable!?) you get to know what's on his mind! How awesome is that!? (That's a new one for me, so please ignore my excitement if you have see that before; but think about it.... was the one you read really as good as Deke? Probably not. haha.)
Now lets see the take on the good verses the bad guys here... Whoa. What's a work more intense than love? Because I don't think love covers this. Everything about this is perfect. The great details literally left me going "Whoa!" "What?!" "HOLY CRAP!" aaaaand "duuuuuuude" probably so much more in all truth. Goodness knows I stopped reading a few times just to reread my favorite parts then read then again aloud to my sister.
I love the take on how Brian takes his fans. That they aren't just "fans" but they are also his friends. It's like they know what it's like to be a fan and NOTHING makes someone feel more special than when someone they look up to remembers who they are and talks to them one on one like Brian does. Even when he was around people he didn't talk to and was unfamiliar with them, he still took the time to be nice to them and answer questions, ect.
Friedlander on the other hand, really makes me mad he (to me) is pushy and arrogant. He knows everything Brian has gone through and doesn't care, he just keeps pushing. Even at the meet/greet thing, when Brian was actually happy about meeting the head of his fan club, the Asshat just cuts him off and goes on about all the money they will make. What a douche! and lets not forget when he pulls the "you you you what about your sister? our kids" or whatever. I just sat there for probably a good 5 minutes just like "Are. You. Really. Serious." I would throat punch him if given a chance, really.
If I could rate this book more than 5 stars, I would because it deserves it! I really recommend this book. It's horror, it's mystery, it's suspense, it's a lot of things. And because I received this book in return for a honest review, I really do plan on going out and buying the actual book, it was just THAT amazing to me.
I can't wait for book two!

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