Thursday, April 9, 2015

Haven (The Breadwinner Trilogy Book 2) by Stevie Kopas


Having barely escaped the clutches of the undead, the survivors of The Breadwinner are headed into the unknown to continue their search for solace in the post-apocalyptic landscape. Once a paradise for the living, the city of Haven is now crawling with flesh hungry creatures–yet it could be their only hope. 
Veronica, Samson and the others take a chance on the promises of Gary, a solitary survivor. Is the light-hearted newcomer all that he seems or are there sinister motives hidden behind his hospitality? 
Can Michelle and Lulu, two ordinary women faced with extraordinary horrors and obstacles, make it to safety? Or will they each become just another undead face in the hordes roaming the streets of Haven? 
When tragedy strikes, worlds collide, and the survivors must band together against their common enemy. But remember, who you were does not determine what you will become in the face of a catastrophe. The dead may no longer be their greatest threat. 
Welcome home. Haven is hell. 

My Thoughts
★★★★★+ Devouring Stars.
I received this book in return for an honest review.
Ya know.. I thought book one review was hard to write.. I take that back now. THIS one is hard. I'm honestly trying to figure out a way to put how awesomely amazing this book is into words without giving spoilers!
I devoured the heck out of this book. Everything fell together perfectly. At first it kinda threw me off because it started off right where book one left off then it back tracked to the start, adding more characters. I couldn't help but to kinda go "Wait, what?"
BUT.. I kept reading and ended up going "oohhhh! That's why!" Which of course lead to "OMG! Tell me!" Because I HAD to know what happened next.
If you thought the first book kept your attention, this one will lock you in for sure... Hella amazing.

...That ending though... Omg...

"Lady, I aint shy. No offence, but you could probably take a lesson or two in modesty."

For the full review + gifs, go here: Haven by Stevie Kopas

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