Monday, December 8, 2014

Portraits of Celina by Sue Whiting


Make him pay, Bayley. Make him pay.It’s as if the wooden chest is luring me, urging me to open it – daring me almost. Open me up. Look inside. Come on, just for a second; it won’t hurt. Celina O’Malley was sixteen years old when she disappeared. Now, almost forty years later, Bayley is sleeping in Celina’s room, wearing her clothes, hearing her voice. What does Celina want? And who will suffer because of it? A ghost story. A love story. A story of revenge.

My Thoughts
★★★★★ Stars.
I received this book via NG in return for an honest review.
Wow, um. Okay. This book surprised the heck out of me! It was a slow start and painful. Through most of the book I just wanted someone to slap the fire out of the mother and oldest daughter. I know teens go through this "oh my gosh, you are ruining me life!" phase, BUT this chick is almost 18! Time to grow the heck up. The mother.... that woman was off her meds I swear. If she wasn't checked out, she was hysterical for no reason. I'm like geez lady, I know you lost your husband but SHEESH! You got 3 kids to take care of! Get your crap together!
That's just my thoughts personally. But I must say, almost everything this book makes you think; flips it completely and makes you go "wowzers! Didn't see that coming."
Loved the ending. I mean loved loved loved it. I think that is the perfect ending to this book. It could not have been better!


  1. Cool! I might give this one a try! :) The mother seems crazy... So, you didn't really like the characters? *sigh* I like to like the characters. Also, is this book paranormal or just contemporary with a mysterious paranormal aspect?

    Great review! :)
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    1. I liked the main character, Bayley, and a few others. It's just her older sister and mother that annoyed me, I know they are grieving and all but sometimes you just need to pull yourself together. Especially if you have kids. *shrugs* others may feel different about this though. It's a paranormal mystery.


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